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Turning memories into a Fuzz Monsta™ T-Shirt Quilt

college sweatshirt

Easily preserve all your t-shirts you no longer use by turning them into a t-shirt quilt. Rather then have those special memories collect dust in the attic or take up important space in your closet, why not showcase them in a Fuzz Monsta™ t-shirt quilt?

Check out the below transformation of some awesome college memories into a 4x5 Fuzz Monsta™ quilt!

Turning memories into a Fuzz Monsta T-Shirt Quilt

Selecting the Memories

Every t-shirt carries a memory. Over the years you collect lots of them, but after time they become worn. Maybe they don't fit anymore, maybe the style has gone out, or maybe you just stopped wearing them. 

Pull together those old t-shirts from college and put them into a t-shirt quilt!

sweatshirt for t-shirt quilt

Including items other than T-Shirts

Just because you're making a t-shirt quilt, doesn't mean that you're limited to using only t-shirts! Sweatshirts, polos, and jerseys can go into your t-shirt quilt. 

Button down, shirts with zippers, scrubs, and many other items can also be used! For a full list of our recommended materials, click here.

shirts for t-shirt quilt

Selecting your options

There are so many different t-shirt quilt options to choose from. There are different sizes, panel sizes, backing options, border options, and even batting and long-arm stitching!

For larger graphics, and a handful of shirts, we recommend our Fuzz Monsta t-shirt quilt (pictured below). 

Not sure which option works best for you? Check out this blog post where we describe which options might work best for different situations!

Bonus tip: Designing your own layout

Want your shirts to be put together in a specific way? MemoryStitch can make that happen! Lay your shirts out the way you'd like them put together, snap a photo, and we'll follow that the best we can while also ensuring your t-shirt quilt turns out the best it can be! Read more here.

close up t-shirt quilt

Showing it off

Don't be afraid to show off your new t-shirt quilt to your friends and family by uploading those quilt pictures to social media! We'd love to see them too, so make sure to tag us @mymemorystitch!

Ready to get started creating your new t-shirt quilt? Get started here!

Fuzz Monsta t-shirt quilt



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