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Which T-Shirt Quilt is Best for You?

t-shirt quilt

One of the best ways to preserve all your t-shirts once you're no longer using them is to turn them into a t-shirt quilt. You've decided you want to preserve your t-shirts in an awesome keepsake, but you're not sure which option is best for you. This article will hopefully help you decide which type of t-shirt quilt will work best for you!

Which T-Shirt Quilt is Best for You?

You're looking for an easy way to preserve your t-shirts:

Check out our standard t-shirt quilts! MemoryStitch t-shirt quilts are our most popular product. Our t-shirt quilts are made with Minky, a super soft and plush cuddle fabric. Once you snuggle up with one of our t-shirt quilts you won’t want to use anything else!

We offer 5 different sizes sizes available, as well as two different panel sizes. Our t-shirt quilts are machine-washable, durable, and meant for everyday use. They are a great option to gift to college students for dorm rooms or young adults in their first apartment. MemoryStitch t-shirt quilts provide a more affordable option compared to a traditional quilt.

You have way too many t-shirts:

Have way more than just 30, or even 50 t-shirts? Don't worry! We've got a great option for you! Get a MemoryStitch double-sided t-shirt quilt (or our premium double-sided t-shirt quilt) and have t-shirts on both sides of your quilt!

Our double-sided t-shirt quilts hold double the memories! Both sides of your quilt will hold your cherished t-shirts for a one-of-a-kind memento!  Double-sided t-shirt quilts are great if you have so many t-shirts that you don't know what to do with them. 

You're looking for something more traditional: 

Looking for a more traditional option? Our premium t-shirt quilt has batting and long-arm stitching - just like a traditional quilt! They are also backed with our super soft cuddly plush Minky backing. Be sure to note the decorative stitch that covers the entire quilt!

Premium quilts have long-armed quilting in a stipple design, and in between the layer of t-shirts and Minky is a layer of cotton batting. For those looking for a more traditional quilt to preserve their memories, this is a great option!

premium t-shirt quilt with long-arm stitching

Your items are smaller than the standard sizes:

Do you have a ton of children’s clothes or onesies you just can’t part with? Then the MemoryStitch kids t-shirt quilt is perfect for you! Made with smaller panels that measure at 8"x8”, the kids t-shirt quilt is the perfect size for displaying your children’s tees or baby clothes for years to come!

The kids t-shirt quilt is backed with our Minky as usual, and we do have three sizes available (small, medium, and large). These t-shirt quilts are durable, machine washable, and meant for everyday use!

You only have a few t-shirts:

The Fuzz Monsta™ is new type of t-shirt quilt that is made up of larger 15" panels and a border of Minky in your color choice. The smallest size only has 12 panels, which is only 6 t-shirts front and back!

The Fuzz Monsta is also great if you are obsessed with minky, or if you graphics don't fit our standard panel sizes!

This product is for our Minky lovers out there who might only have a few t-shirts, but our still looking to wrap up in our super soft and plush cuddle fabric!

Even less shirts? 

A MemoryStitch t-shirt pillow is a great option for those looking to showcase 1-4 t-shirts in a decorative pillow. They make great gift items and start at a lower price point than our quilts. Every MemoryStitch t-shirt pillow comes with zipper and a removable pillow insert, allowing for easy washing.

A MemoryStitch t-shirt pillow case is a great option for anyone looking to showcase 4 memorable t-shirts and upgrade their current pillowcases. They are available in 3 sizes for standard, queen, or king sized pillows, and are of course backed with our minky backing!

Every t-shirt pillow case also has strip of cotton fabric at the edge, built similarly to a standard pillowcase. They're made to be durable, machine washable, and meant for everyday use. 

t-shirt pillows

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