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7 Ideas to make your Graduation Quilt Special

graduates with a t-shirt quilt

How many t-shirts did your kids accumulate in high school or college? 20? 50? 100? Many of those t-shirts they've never worn, or haven't worn in ages. Their closets are full of them, and you're ready to throw them out.

Consider giving these t-shirts a new life in a graduation quilt. You can do this at home in a few easy steps or an online retailer like would be happy to make college quilts for you! We've compiled a list of ideas that might help you make your (or your kid's) graduation quilt extra special!

7 Ideas to make your Graduation Quilt Special

1. Quilts for graduation gifts

Graduation is a very special time for students. They're saying goodbye to old friends, and getting excited about college or jobs coming up. This year, this time is tinged with a little bit more sadness, as people aren't able to celebrate with friends and families, attend graduation ceremonies, or even walk across a stage to collect their diploma. Make this graduation a little more special with a graduation quilt. If you're interested in handmade quilts graduation gift, check out these instructions on how to make quilts for graduation gifts. Otherwise, there are online retailers that can make your graduation quilt for you. 

2. Campus quilts

Many college hand out free t-shirts, especially to freshman. Whether it's to get them involved in a club or something else, many college students will end up with more than enough t-shirts just from college to make a quilt. Why not make a graduation quilt that is just themed to your college campus? Show off your college, mascot, and school colors, all in campus quilts!

3. Quilts made from graduation gowns

You've pulled together almost enough t-shirts for a graduation quilt, but you still need a few more panels. Many schools let you keep your graduation gowns after finishing graduation, and most people never wear that again. Use that graduation gown to get a few more panels to fit into your quilt, whether it's black, white, or one of your school colors, it'll fit in great with the graduation quilt

4. Senior athletic graduation quilts

If your kid was a high school or college athlete, they probably have a ton of jerseys, t-shirts, and other items that they won't be wearing again. However, those items still hold a lot of memories, and you don't want to just toss them out. Turn those old athletic items into senior athletic graduation quilts and surprise your senior athlete with a graduation quilt.

5. Embroidered graduation t shirt quilt

A graduation t shirt quilt is already a highly personalized gift, but one way you can add a special touch and make it even more personalized, is by adding embroidery. Check out your local graduation t shirt quilt maker to see if they do embroidery, or check out an online retailer that can make you a graduation t shirt quilt and add embroidery for that extra special touch you're looking for.

6. College or high school graduation quilt?

Are t shirt quilts better for high school or college graduation? The question might arise if a graduation quilt is a better gift for high school or a college graduation. We might be slightly biased, but people need more than one quilt or blanket, so why not make one for both? High school kids are going to have plenty of t-shirts to make one when they're a senior in high school. In fact, they'll probably want to take it to college with them. If they collect enough t-shirts for another during college, then maybe it's time to create another graduation quilt!

7. Show off the graduation quilt!

If we weren't in the middle of a pandemic, we would recommend showing your child's graduation quilt off during their graduation party. However, to keep up with social distancing, we do encourage you to share pictures of your quilt on social media, so your friends and families can see. There's probably other people out there that haven't thought of making a graduation quilt yet, and you'll be giving them the perfect idea to make sure this graduation year is extra special! 

We want to know: what are you doing for your graduating kids this year?


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