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T-Shirt Quilts - Double-sided

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Tell your story with a MemoryStitch T-shirt quilt! Our double-sided T-shirt quilts hold double the memories! Both sides of your quilt will hold your cherished T-Shirts for a one-of-a-kind memento! Once you snuggle up with one of our T-Shirt quilts you won’t want to use anything else! 
  • Two sides - front and back
  • Multiple sizes available to tell your story
  • Use either side of the T-shirt, or both!
  • Durable, machine washable, and meant for everyday use

We have several different production options available, so you can find the best way to preserve your t-shirts. See all our our options here!

Looking for a more traditional quilt? Check out our Premium T-Shirt Quilts that include batting and long-arm stitching!


Still not sure which t-shirt quilt is best suited for you? This article explains the different options.


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