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Full-Size T-Shirt Quilt Gift Card

Full-Size T-Shirt Quilt Gift Card
Full-Size T-Shirt Quilt Gift Card
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The MemoryStitch Full-Size T-Shirt Quilt Gift Card can be redeemed for one 14x14 panel Full-Size T-Shirt Quilt

On the card is a code that can be used at checkout to redeem the t-shirt quilt.

The shipping address used should be where you want the gift card delivered to, and it will ship within the next business day.

This gift card will make the perfect gift, so purchase one today!

Promotional offers cannot be used when using a gift card as payment.

We have several different production options available, so you can find the best way to preserve your t-shirts. See all our our options here!



How It Works


1. Pick Your T-shirts

Select the T-shirts for your quilt, customize your quilt settings and checkout.


2. Ship Your T-shirts

After checkout, use our instructions to prepare and ship your T-shirts.


3. Get a T-shirt Quilt

Your T-shirts will be stitched together into an awesome quilt and shipped back to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I change my order once it's placed?

Can I use the front and back of my T-shirts?

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