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Helpful Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ship two or more orders in the same box?
Yes. If you’re submitting two or more quilts in the same box, please email us images of your layout for each individual project or separate projects in marked bags. Otherwise, ship shirts for different projects separately. 

What kind of shirts and fabric can I use? 
We can use polos, sweatshirts, scrubs, and jerseys! We can also use button down shirts and shirts with zippers - these can add a really interesting and unique look to your quilt! Other acceptable materials are fleece, flannel, polyester, and dri-fit materials. We can use tank tops and v-necks too, but these materials may require additional fees if extra material has to be sewn in to fill the selected panel size. 

How do I ship my shirts? 
Please read this page: How To Prepare Your Shirts

I’m a first time t-shirt quilt buyer. How does this work? 
Please read this page: How It Works

How many shirts do I need for each quilt size? 
Please read this page: How To Prepare Your Shirts

How long does the process take? 
Please read our Shipping page. 

Can I use the front and back of my t-shirts? 
Absolutely! You can send us either the front, back, or both sides. You get to decide!

Can MemoryStitch cut my shirts for me? 
Yes! Skip the prep work, save time, and forget about the hassle of cutting your t-shirts with our product add-on “Let us cut your t-shirts.” When placing your order, select this option, and for a small additional charge, we'll take care of the cutting for you.

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Can I get a special message embroidered on my quilt? 
Yes, an embroidered message can be added to your item! Select the product add-on “Add an embroidered message.” There is a limit of 3 lines of text with 20 characters on each line, set in 3/4-inch tall letters in white. 

The default location for the message is the bottom-right corner, but a custom location can can be requested. 

Can I change my order once it’s placed? 
We do not allow for an order to be changed after it's been submitted, but if you realize within 60 days of ordering that you ordered something incorrectly, please contact us