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All T-Shirt Quilts, Pillows & Pillowcases

Transform your cherished t-shirts into lifelong mementos with our t-shirt quilts and pillows collection! At MemoryStitch, we make it easy to send us your t-shirts and get one-of-a-kind keepsakes in return.  From our double-sided memory t-shirt quilts to our extra soft t-shirt pillowcases to our easy-to-wash t-shirt pillows, we have a specially-stitched souvenir for everyone.  Pick out your favorite style below!

T-Shirt Quilts

Starting at $89.99

Onesie Quilts

Starting at $129.99

Premium T-Shirt Quilts

Starting at $214.99

Fuzz Monsta® T-Shirt Quilts

Starting at $179.99

Double-Sided T-Shirt Quilts

Starting at $129.99