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Once upon a time,
there was a T-shirt.

Every T-shirt tells a story. When you stitch them together, those T-shirts can tell the story of a lifetime. Our T-shirt quilts make a lasting new memory from the memories of days gone by. They also make you and your gift the highlight of any occasion – from birthdays to graduations to anniversaries and more.

Transforming your individual T-shirts into a quilt full of memories is as easy as 1-2-3.

Favorite Shirt Icon
1 Which memories will you
choose to cherish forever?

Selecting your favorite T-shirts to include in your MemoryStitch quilt is often the hardest part of the process. Don’t worry, though, because our different sizes use up to 64 different T-shirt panels. The more T-shirts, the bigger the quilt and the impression it will leave.

Simply choose your T-shirts (while avoiding any shirts with holes or rips), then wash them one last time.

Cut and Send icon
2 To cut or have us cut?
That’s the only question.

Many people enjoy getting close to their T-shirts – and holding those memories – one last time before sending. If this sounds like you, preparing your shirts is easy. Simply cut your shirt up the side seams so that you have two pieces: a front and a back. You’ll send us the side of each T-shirt you want included in your quilt.

If you’d rather trust us to make the necessary cuts, we’re happy to help for a small additional fee. Either way, you can trust that we understand they’re more than T-shirts. They’re some of your most cherished memories, and we’ll treat them that way.

We Send You Quilt icon
3 A lifetime of memories is
now the memory of a lifetime.

When you send us your T-shirts, we’ll stitch them together and return them to you in a quilt that will provide a lot of warmth and warm memories for many years to come. Once we receive your shipment, it typically takes 10-14 days before we ship you the final product. (Holiday season and other peak times may add a few days to the turnaround time.) And, of course, that shipping is free.

Memory Stitch Team

Ready to transform your
T-shirts into the perfect gift?