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The Best Fabrics for T-Shirt Quilts

The best fabrics for t-shirt quilts

Whether you're making one at home or sending it to MemoryStitch, here are some general guidelines for the best fabrics for t-shirt quilts!

Making T-shirt quilts is lots of fun, but sometimes the materials create lots of problems. Below are our recommendations to create an awesome experience and the most snuggly quilt.

Best Materials for T-Shirt Quilts

Our focus is t-shirts, but you can use many other shirts and fabrics in your t-shirt quilts. Even with options such as double-sided t-shirt quilts, kids t-shirt quilts, and even onesie quilts, that’s not all you’re limited to.

You can use polos, sweatshirts, scrubs, and jerseys! You can also use button down shirts and shirts with zippers - these can add a really interesting and unique look to your quilt! Other materials are fleece, flannel, polyester, and dri-fit materials.

You can use tank tops and v-necks too, but please note that these materials may require a little extra sewing if you have to back them to ensure they fit your desired panel size.

Want to include an item that isn't a shirt at all? You might still be able to use it! Measure the item to see if you can get enough material in a block for your desired panel size.

Difficult Materials to Work With

  • Canvas and Denim
  • Down and Knitted Items
  • Leather, Lycra, and Silk
  • Letter Jackets

If you're making something at home and feel confident about using these materials, give it a try! With the right needle and some patience, you might be able to get it to work.

If you're sending your shirts off to MemoryStitch, please do not send in materials that are extremely difficult to work with. If you have an item not listed here, feel free to contact us and ask! Maybe we haven't used it before, but we'd love to try it!

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  • Hi My mom recently passed away and she had alot of I guess they call it moo-moos does that material work?she was not really a t shirt person but would love a quilt to be made. Please let know. Thank you

  • I started putting a backing on my t shirt squares can you use those

    christine romine
  • If I wanted to use sashing on a tshirt quilt what fabric do you recommend to use and should the sashing be interfaced also. Beautiful examples. Thank you

    Hazel Davidson
  • Hi! Can you use bandanas as well?

    Thank you.

    Regina Rodriguez

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