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5 Easy Steps to making a Baby Keepsake Blanket

baby keepsake blanket

We all know that kids grow up way too fast. But let's talk about all of those outgrown onesies and toddler t-shirts. Every couple of months you're buying new clothes. What are you going to do with them? You might throw out and donate some, but what about the ones that are just way too cute, or hold special memories? Don't let them sit in a box for 20+ years hoping your kids might want them for their kids some day! 

Instead, make a baby keepsake blanket that they can use through their childhood - maybe even longer! Keep reading and we'll tell you how to make a keepsake baby blanket!

If you don't want to do it yourself, there are companies out there that would be happy to make a baby keepsake quilt for you!

baby keepsake blanket

5 Easy Steps to making a Baby Keepsake Blanket

1. Select your onesies for your baby keepsake blanket

Since onesies and toddler shirts are smaller than t-shirts, you're going to need more of them to make a good-sized keepsake baby blanket. For example, for a blanket similar to a full size, if your panels are 8x8, you could use a total of 63 panels to get a blanket that is 56"x72". Depending on the materials you have, you may want to add/remove columns or rows.

2. Getting fabric for your baby keepsake blanket

To make a full size onesie quilt with 8x8" panels (56"x72") you will need the following:

  • 63 items of clothing 
  • 3-4 yards fabric for the backing

PRO TIP: It’s best to wash and dry your clothing before beginning your baby keepsake quilt. Items that are a little worn are fine but avoid using those with holes or rips.

Have fun selecting your backing material for the personalized keepsake baby blanket. There are so many options for different materials, as well as prints to choose from!

3. Cutting shirts for your baby keepsake blanket

Using a rotary cutter and a mat (or a pair of scissors), cut the shoulder seam, sleeve seams and side seams of each t-shirt or onesie to separate the front from back. You’ll then need to cut out panels.

Pick a panel size, 5x5" or 8x8" for onesies, and cut the panels out using a ruler and rotary cutter. You’ll need 5 ½ inches of fabric for 5x5 panels and 8 ½ inches of fabric for 8x8 panels.

Pick the panel size based off the size of clothing and the size of the graphics to decide what will work best for your baby clothes keepsake quilt!

4. Sewing your baby keepsake blanket together

Lay out your squares to find a pleasing configuration. Pay attention to colors and prints to not bunch up similar T-shirts in the same area.

Now it’s time to sew your rows. Take your first and second squares from the first row graphic sides together and sew the left side. Next, put square 3 on square 2 and sew the right edge together. Continue until you’ve sewn your row. Press seams open to reduce bulk.

Once all your rows are made, it’s time to put them together. Pin row 1 to row 2 graphic sides together, aligning seams and sew the top seam. Then, press your seam open. Repeat until all your rows are sewn together.

5. Completing your baby keepsake blanket

Sew your front panel with all of the t-shirts onto your selected backing material. You've just learned how to make a keepsake quilt from baby clothes! Give it to your toddler or young child, so they can grow up with it. Or put it away for them to appreciate as young adults who are thinking about their futures. 

Either way, the baby keepsake quilt will hold many memories for them (and you) for many years to come!

If your sewing skills aren't up to par, or you don't have the time for this project, look up some online t-shirt quilt companies that might be able to make a personalized keepsake baby blanket for you! Some places may even offer embroidery to add to your baby blanket keepsake!


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