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5 Reasons You'll Want the NEW Fuzz Monsta™

Fuzz Monsta t-shirt quilt on couch

Introducing the NEW Fuzz  Monsta™

The FuzzMonsta™ adds minky to the front of your quilt, and has large (15") panels, allowing you to have a larger quilt with less t-shirts! This product is for our Minky lovers out there who might only have a few t-shirts, but are still looking to wrap up in our super soft and plush cuddle fabric.

5 Reasons You'll Want a Fuzz Monsta™

1. Cuddly Minky 

The FuzzMonsta™ doesn't just have our super soft and plush minky on the back of the quilt, it also has minky on the front of the quilt! We have seven different color options in our minky including black, grey, navy blue, royal blue, purple, scarlet, and evergreen. 

What's so great about minky? Minky fabric is very soft and cuddly. Some people say it feels like real mink or soft as cashmere. You won't want to leave the couch once you have one of these cuddly FuzzMonstas™!

minky colors

2. Larger Panels

The FuzzMonsta™ has 15" panels - the largest panel size we offer on our website! This panel size accommodates even larger than our 14" panel does! The FuzzMonsta™ is great for concert tees, jerseys, or other t-shirts with big graphics.

3. Only 12 T-Shirts

The smallest FuzzMonsta™ only requires 12 panels, which means you only need 12 t-shirts OR 6 t-shirts both front and back! You can still get a t-shirt quilt made even if you only have a few t-shirts left.

Because of the extra large panels and the added borders, 12 panels still gets you a quilt that is approximately 4 feet by 5 feet - even bigger than our lap sized quilt!

Since you only need a few t-shirts, you can easily create a theme for your new FuzzMonsta™: family vacations, marathon runs, cheer camp, drama club, sorority shirts, and many, many more! The possibilities are endless!

4. Border and Panel Sashing

Our standard FuzzMonsta™ t-shirt quilt has twelve 15" panels, backed with minky AND has a border around the entire quilt. The added border brings a pop of color, and extra minky softness to the front of your quilt!

Our FuzzMonsta™ with the Border and Panel Sashing upgrade also has twelve 15" panels backed with minky. However, each individual panel has a 2" border of minky around it - as well with the border around the entire quilt!

5. Upgrade your Fuzz Monsta™ to Premium!

The Premium FuzzMonsta™ has everything listed above - twelve 15" panels, borders, and sashing in between all of the panels, but it also includes batting and long-arm stitching - just like a traditional quilt!

The premium FuzzMonstas™ have long-armed quilting in a stipple design, and in between the layer of t-shirts and minky is a layer of cotton batting. For those looking for a more traditional quilt to preserve their memories, this is a great option!

Fuzz Monsta


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