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Our top 5 sweatshirt blankets

Our top 5 sweatshirt blankets

T-shirt quilts can be made out of more than just t-shirts! Other items can carry just as much sentimental value! Often times we have people send in sweatshirts, hoodies, or sweaters to be included in a sweatshirt blanket. Check out a few of our favorite sweatshirt blankets below!

 sweatshirt blanket

Heidi M: My older daughter played softball for a lot of years growing up. Several teams, lots of tournaments and even a trip to play in Italy! Of course, we collected tons of jerseys, sweatshirts and t-shirts over the years.. but having a big bin of these wonderful keepsakes tucked away in the garage.. what was the point?! So I decided to choose an assortment from the collection that would represent all the teams, some of the best tournaments and trips and sent them off to Memory Stitch. And now, my daughter can reminisce as she wraps herself up in a soft, snuggly blanket of memories. I just love how it turned out! Memory Stitch did a wonderful job! I plan to do this for my younger daughter as well!!

 sweatshirt blankets

Tanya S: Had 1 done for each of my teens. They turned out great even with all the crazy colored t-shirts, jerseys, and sweatshirts they each had. Amazing quality too with speedy turnaround!

sweatshirt blanket

Sharon I: I wish I had kept more of the t-shirts from my daughter's earlier days but this is what I had and the quilt turned out perfect!! Absolutely love it. What an amazing way to keep all those sweatshirts and t-shirts - so many memories. The other side is fuzzy grey. My girl is thrilled with the quilt!

sweatshirt blanket

Rachel M: I LOVE my t-shirt quilt!! I had many, many sweatshirts and t-shirts sitting around, so it was perfect I was able to include them all with the double-sided option! I had many questions and different types of materials, but the staff was very patient and helpful. I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a quilt, and I was a bit nervous about the preparation, shipping, handling, and overall quality. But Memory Stitch made the process very clear, seamless, and their products are very affordable without jeopardizing care and accuracy. I am so impressed with my quilt, as well as the awesome customer service and fast turnaround. Thank you for stitching together all my memories!

sweatshirt blanket

Nancy C: My husband is 75 now, but he has fond memories of all the road races he ran when he was younger. The nine shirts and three sweatshirts from those races were tucked away in the attic, and I got them down and sent them to Memory Stitch to be made into a quilt, as a surprise for him. He is nit normally a demonstrative person, but he was thrilled with his gift, and now I never see him in his chair without it! It is long enough for his 6'3" body and is a comfortable weight and fabric.

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