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Our top 5 lap blanket size quilts

t-shirt quilts in front of Christmas tree

One of our most popular sizes of t-shirt quilts is our lap blanket size. This size is perfect as a throw, and it needs only 8 shirts (front and back) to complete! Check out a few of our favorite lap blanket size quilts!


5. A Memory Lap Blanket

lap blanket size memory quilt
Ronald K.: I recently cleaned out my closet and also decided to down-size my wardrobe. Several t-shirts that I'm no longer regularly wear were re-discovered. They all spark good memories for me. So, throwing them away or even donating them didn't feel right. Instead, I sent off 14 of my favorites to Memory Stitch and you all transformed them into very nice lap quilt. I love it.... just perfect for cold winter evenings watching TV. Thank you.

4. A Lap Blanket Size Radio Quilt

lap blanket size radio quilt

Ann O: I had this blanket made for my husband, he’s had quite the cool and different career for the last 50 years he’s been a radio announcer many of the shirts I sent were from the old days on the radio along with his favorite sports teams he was beyond excited and in awe that such a thing even existed ! This is the best company ever I would highly recommend them to everyone! The time it took was really fast also even the week before Xmas thanks so much for putting a huge smile on my hubby’s face!


3. Lap Size T-Shirt Quilts

lap blanket size quilts

Kerry M.: We had these made for both of our kids - with t-shirts they have collected over the years from some very special memories. My daughter was in the theater since she was in second grade up until her senior year in high school, but due to Covid, her senior year show was cancelled. She actually cried when she opened it! My son is our athlete and has been playing soccer and basketball from a very young age (and still does in college!) - all of his best memories all in one spot! He immediately put his on his bed! They both said it was their best present this Christmas! Thank you for preserving all of our cherished memories and creating such a beautifully crafted gift!


2. A Lap Blanket Size Sentimental Quilt

lap blanket size sentimental quilt

Lisa S.: My daughter collects t-shirts. The problem is that she collects more than we wears. During spring cleaning this year, she sorted her t-shirt collection into those she wears and those that have sentimental meaning. Those sentimental t-shirts became this year’s Christmas gift. She has been snuggled up with her quilt since it was opened. We are ALL thrilled with the quilt!


1. A Spiderman Lap Blanket

lap blanket size spiderman

AnnaClaire A: Amazing experience overall! The MemoryStitch team was quick to help when we realized a couple of my shirts were too small. They fixed the problem & it turned out beautiful. My daughter was SO excited! She’s loved Spiderman since she was 4, so we had quite a few shirts to choose from. 😂 What a wonderful way for her to remember this time in her life. ❤️


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