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3 ways to upcycle your race tshirts

race t-shirt quilt

If you participate in lots of sporting events and races, most of the time you get a race tshirt for participating. After several events, you'll have more race tshirts and jerseys than you could possibly need! You don't want to get rid of them, but the race tshirts are taking up too much precious room in your closet.

How do you use old shirts? Can you recycle old shirts into something new? What can you do with old race shirts? We've compiled three different ways to upcycle your old race t shirts.

3 ways to upcycle your race tshirts

1. Turn a race tshirt into a pillow

Do you have one special race tshirt you'd like to show off? Or maybe a few? Turn them into a pillow! A race tshirt pillow is great at home project. If you're up for it, check out this blog article on how to do it yourself!

keep old race shirts

If you don't have the time or tools to do it yourself, check out an online retailer to make the race tshirt pillow for you!

2. Keep old race shirts by turning them into a tshirt pillow case

If you have 2-4 race tshirts you'd like to showcase, turn them into a pillow case! A race tshirt pillow case could be made to fit any bed pillows you have lying around. You could use the fronts of four different race tshirts, or you could even use the front and back of two race tshirts.

If you're not up to making it yourself, be sure to check out an online company that can make a pillow case out of old race t shirts. 

3. Make a race t shirt quilt

What better way to keep all of those shirts than pull them all together into one keepsake you can keep for years to come! A race shirt quilt will keep all of your favorite old race t shirts all in one place.

race shirt memorabilia

Are you ready to start on your own race t shirt quilt? If so, check out this blog that shows you how to make a race shirt quilt! If you'd rather go through an online t shirt quilt company do have yours made, check out this race shirt quilt retailer!



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