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Celebrate Mother’s Day Full of Memories

Celebrate Mother’s Day Full of Memories

Spending time with the mothers or maternal figures in your life on Mother’s Day is sure to create great memories, but why not let your memories or their memories last even longer with a t-shirt quilt from Memory Stitch? A t-shirt quilt is a fantastic gift to give since it creates an extra comfortable and thoughtful collection of memories for the recipient.



What is a T-Shirt Quilt?

A t-shirt quilt has old or outdated shirts sewn together to create a beautiful piece that your mother or maternal figure can snuggle up with on the couch or show off as a wall hanging. T-shirt quilts are usually themed to represent an important milestone or event in one’s life, such as the time participating in a sport or activity, a graduation, an anniversary, a wedding, or a retirement.   


A premium full t-shirt quilt created by MemoryStitch for Patricia G.


"My dad died on 01/07/21and my mom on 01/19/21. This loss has been the worst pain I have ever felt. I still cannot talk about them without breaking down. I have had the excruciating task of going through all of their belongings. I couldn’t bring myself to throw away the clothes that I was so used to seeing them in.

My mom was my Disneyland partner in crime. Before the closures we spent many days every month there. We had so many wonderful memories. She was my best friend. My dad was this super nerd. He wore the same things for years. He would buy multiple of the same shirts.

Seeing all of their clothes in these quilts makes me feel like that are right here, watching over us. Thank you so much for what you do."

- Patricia G. 


Why A T-Shirt Quilt is the Perfect Gift

There are plenty of reasons to gift your mother or maternal figure a t-shirt quilt, but when it comes down to it, the best one is to make a forever keepsake through upcycling.


Since t-shirt quilts typically utilize shirts that are not being worn – and most likely haven’t been worn for a while – it is a wonderful way to create a stunning reminder of sweet memories that can be treasured time and time again through shirts instead of simply pictures.


A Memory Stitch standard lap t-shirt quilt made for Adrienne M


I retired in May 2020 after 30 years of teaching; 20 years being at Benjamin Middle School in West Chicago, IL. I have many fond memories of my time there. But I wanted to have something that I could look at and use!

All the t-shirts were either given to me or bought by me at school. There's a little story behind each one, so now I can keep my memories alive!

I just love my beautiful blankie!! Thank you!

- Adrienne M.


Along with your t-shirts, Memory Stitch provides a Minky backing for extra coziness, but if you don’t have access to the recipient’s shirts or don’t have time to complete this project yourself, you can send them a t-shirt quilt gift card instead. This allows you to still send a delightful gift, even if your mother or maternal figure lives far away.



A Touching Tribute

If your mother or maternal figure is as sentimental as mine is, then you’ll know that their closet, attic, basement, or other free areas are probably filled with keepsakes from your childhood.


Along with boxes of my (and my sister’s) old school yearbooks, framed class pictures from grade school through high school, and birthday cards, my mother still has a completed baby book for me that contains plenty of pictures of my “firsts,” including a lock of hair from my first haircut.


She did the same for my sister, and, to top it off, constantly put us in matching outfits (even though my sister is two years younger than me) and styled our hair similarly so that she would always remember her “babies” equally. To say that she is nostalgic and loves us more than anything is an understatement.


A mother sits with her two daughters on a couch


Many people hold on to clothing that has been outgrown, especially if it belongs to their children. My mother is one of these individuals, and she has one box labelled “Alyssa – Special Occasions” that contains dresses I wore once as a child for miscellaneous holidays and events. She has about five more boxes filled with old t-shirts I outgrew, but she refused to donate since “they are too cute to get rid of.”


Siblings first photoshoot


I consider myself to be an amazing gift-giver since I focus on sentimentality and thoughtfulness, for gifts (and I give myself “bonus points” if the recipient cries tears of joy).


To help my mother “de-clutter,” I am going to make my own t-shirt quilt this Mother’s Day (which is also always around my mother’s birthday!) for her using some of my childhood shirts. This way, she doesn’t have to pull out these boxes to remember those times in our lives, nor will she forget about them (as she might have since the boxes have been untouched for quite some time).


A Polaroid photo of two kids sitting on the couch



Make Your Forever Memory with Memory Stitch

Give any mother in your life a wonderful t-shirt quilt this Mother’s Day by starting on the prep work or sending a gift card! If you think that a t-shirt quilt is too challenging or you don’t have enough shirts to use, you can also create a soft t-shirt pillow or reusable t-shirt pillow cases.


If you, like me, want your mother or maternal figure to gush over the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year, make them a t-shirt quilt.


Start creating your Mother’s Day t-shirt quilt gift now!


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