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Steve Nabity, CEO

Never Give Up!


Steve Nabity is many things. A successful entrepreneur. An experienced mechanical engineer. A longtime businessman and Chief Energizing Officer of TekBrands, an array of innovative companies including MemoryStitch. A husband for more than 40 years and a father of three. A survivor of a horrific water-skiing accident that left him in a brace. Once healed, he turned his recovery into a quest that led to him becoming a winning Ironman Triathlete . . . at age 61!


Steve is many things, but he is definitely not a quitter. “If you tell me I can’t do something, I will prove you wrong so quick,” he says. “It’s the way I’m wired."


He’s proved that, time and again. After that water-skiing accident tore all three hamstring tendons from the bone of his right leg, he spent weeks in a brace. After he amazed his doctors, he made a decision that would amaze the world. At 58 years of age, not ever having ridden a road bicycle or even knowing how to swim competitively, he trained to become a triathlete. Not just any triathlete. He set a personal goal of competing in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii by the time he was 80. Instead, he made it in just two years.


Today, as founder and CEO of the company MemoryStitch, he helps others to heal. Parents who have lost a child. Families who have lost beloved elders. Athletes, dancers, students and musicians who want to preserve various aspects of their lives and careers. Steve helps these people tell and cherish their stories by transforming a stack of their t-shirts into keepsake memory quilts. He created AccuQuilt, a company that produces shape and fabric cutting dies, patterns and accessories that empower quilters no matter their age to work easier. Now, with MemoryStitch, he is making it easy for even non-quilters to wrap themselves in their memories.


Steve and his wife, Lynette, had three children: Colin, Cara and Chloe. Cara was born with a congenital heart defect and died when she was only 19 after complications from heart surgery. Steve knows how it feels to embrace special memories. A committed triathlete whose extraordinary experience during a triathlon in Brazil is the basis for his “One Minute, Seven Seconds” motivational speeches, he lives the mantra, “never give up.”


He never has. And he never will.


Steve Nabity, Founder & Executive Chairman