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Give the Gift of Memories

T-Shirt Quilts

Turn beloved shirts into a cozy, customized quilt this festive season. Personalize with an embroidered message and gift a memory that warms the heart and body. Perfect for capturing memories and keeping loved ones snug!

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Fuzz Monsta

Looking for that perfect gift? The Fuzz Monsta® is a cozy dream with its super-soft Minky fabric, designed especially for those cherished shirts. Its large 15" panels beautifully display beloved graphics, making it a unique and thoughtful present. With the Fuzz Monsta®, you're not just gifting a quilt, but a moment to cherish.

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How It Works


1. Pick Your T-shirts

Select the T-shirts for your quilt, customize your quilt settings and checkout.


2. Ship Your T-shirts

After checkout, use our instructions to prepare and ship your T-shirts.


3. Get a T-shirt Quilt

Your T-shirts will be stitched together into an awesome quilt and shipped back to you!