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Stitching Love: Personalized T-Shirt Quilts for Mother's Day

Stitching Love: Personalized T-Shirt Quilts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day: a time to celebrate moms! Honestly, moms deserve to be celebrated and showered with praise every day of the year for the work they do, but I digress. Until around-the-clock parties and gifts for moms become the national standard, we have a holiday  every May to remind us of our love for our mothers, the mothers we know and all the other mothers who have affected us. And, above all else, Mother’s Day is a time for connection and gratitude.

Gift-giving is the perfect way to show Mom your love and gratitude.


So, this Mother’s Day, how will you show your mother or the mothers in your life your love and gratitude? When you really look at it, it’s an almost monumental task. However, large emotions can come in very small packages. Simple acts of love and giving are often all a person needs to know that you care and that you always have. To give mothers meaningful gifts on Mother’s Day shows your affection, consideration, love and respect to the women with the hardest jobs on this planet.

Today, let’s take a look at how to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift.


Much like every gift-giving celebration, choosing what kind of gift to get a loved one can be a large ask. To make a meaningful gift, think of the personal connections you or your loved one has to the gift. For a mom, does the gift remind her of a memory with her children? Perhaps a time spent with her own mother? To weave together the fabric of memory into a keepsake, look no further than the t-shirts and other clothes saved up over years of parenting. With the patchwork of memories found within every stitch of fabric, there is a story to be told. A memorial t-shirt quilt displaying a mother’s story may be exactly the gift for her this Mother’s Day.

A MemoryStitch t-shirt quilt might be the perfect gift for Mom this Mother’s Day!



Memorial t-shirt quilts are built on memories. For Mom, there’s probably a lot of memories to choose from. The selection process of building a t-shirt quilt can be tricky. How can you narrow down so many clothes into one quilt? Here are a few tips to find the perfect fit for Mom:

  • Focus on the story/theme: Every shirt will tell a different story, and so will every quilt. You can group shirts around fun family vacations or favorite pastimes. Is there a band or TV series that you and her collected merchandise from? Or maybe lots of significant events and milestones happened during a specific year! Group you or Mom’s t-shirts by the stories the shirts tell and the memories they carry.
  • Follow the love: The story of a well-loved t-shirt can be just that: love! Consider the sentimental value Mom has for the t-shirts, whether she loved to wear them or loved when someone else did. Sparking joy from seeing a favorite shirt is part of the magic of a t-shirt quilt. Share that love for the clothing itself.
  • Onesies work too!: Perhaps Mom has a collection of onesies, new or old! At MemoryStitch, we don’t just do t-shirt quilts. We can also help you create a memorial onesie quilt to cherish the youngest days of childhood, right when all the love began.


Mom will love a gift made with care, compassion and creativity that she can enjoy for years.


Getting a t-shirt quilt just right can be quite the task. So, to help you make the perfect personalized t-shirt quilt for Mother’s Day, here’s a quick guide to the the entire MemoryStitch process:

  1. Select your shirts: With our tips above, pick out the perfect shirts to tell Mom’s story! The amount of shirts you need will vary depending on the quilt, so check out this page for more information on the size of collection you need.
  2. Cut your shirts: Don’t worry about doing too much prep! All you need to do is cut along the seams of your shirt, and your shirt is prepared. If your shirt has graphics on the front and back that you want in your quilt, make sure to send both sides to us! And if you don’t want to cut your shirts, there’s an option to have us take care of that for you.
  3. Fill out the order checklist: This includes submitting a picture of a layout if you know exactly how you want your quilt to look! You’ll email us the completed checklist of your preferences so that we can preserve and prepare the memories.
  4. Ship your shirts: Pack your shirts in a large enough box and send them to us! From here, we will handle your shirts preciously and with the utmost care as we transform them into your t-shirt quilt.
  5. Receive your quilt: As soon as it’s completed, we will ship your memorial t-shirt quilt to be enjoyed by you and your family for years to come. Shipping time varies by location and time of year, but expect to be updated every step of the way.

It’s as easy as that! And for a more in-depth look at MemoryStitch’s process before Mother’s Day, check out our how it works page.


Add a personal message to your MemoryStitch quilt!

Want to make Mom’s t-shirt quilt even more special and meaningful? On the back of any MemoryStitch quilt, you can add a personal message to commemorate the quilt. With up to 3 lines of text, write her a heartfelt message, tell her who it's from and don’t forget the date so that this Mother’s Day will literally be one for the history books! The little things always add up, and Mom will always appreciate your wonderful words every time she sees the quilt or cuddles underneath it.


Celebrate Mother’s Day by showing the moms in your life who you know and love how grateful you are for all they do and the love you carry in your heart. Although Mother’s Day isn’t 365 days-a-year yet, a most meaningful gift can keep Mom’s heart and soul warm throughout the rest of this year and every year to come. Give Mom the gift of her cherished memories and her fondest stories. Give her a MemoryStitch memorial t-shirt quilt because she deserves it.

For more on how MemoryStitch is helping people tell stories to warm their loved ones’ hearts, stay tuned here to our blog. And, once again, happy Mother’s Day to all the moms–the most hardworking, dedicated and loving people on the planet.

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