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The Perfect Spring Cleaning Closet Clutter Solution

The Perfect Spring Cleaning Closet Clutter Solution

It’s almost spring again. If you’re anything like me, you’re making a to do list for your spring-cleaning - ranging from yard work to closet organization. The latter is my least favorite thing to do this time of year…and for good reason.

I loathe sorting through a closet full of old clothes and trying to decide if I want to keep them, donate them, or throw them away. None of those options really appeal to me.

Throwing well-loved clothes away is wasteful. However, if I choose to keep them, then my closet remains full and hard to navigate. If I donate them, I lose all my memories!

It always feels like an unwinnable battle, but it doesn’t have to be.


Dianna's Double-sided Premium Stitched Memory Quilt by MemoryStitch
Dianna’s Double-sided Premium Stitched Quilt by MemoryStitch


How to Get a Spacious Closet (and the Perfect Keepsake!)

A t-shirt quilt is the perfect solution to a full closet while still keeping the memories. They allow you to take a walk down memory lane every time you snuggle up with it – all without the clutter.

Imagine curling up nice and cozy with your t-shirt quilt while watching your favorite streaming show and reminiscing about each memory. You can almost imagine yourself back in every moment you wore them or when you first got them.


Jaime W's warm MemoryStitch premium double-sided t-shirt quilt.
Jaime W’s warm MemoryStitch premium double-sided t-shirt quilt


Enter: The Affordable T-Shirt Quilt

If you have a lot of shirts from sporting events, favorite bands, organization, or whatever you love, then you want an affordable option.

MemoryStitch offers premium double-sided t-shirt quilts with plenty of space for your t-shirts that start at $189.99. Plus, this option can accommodate up to 128 shirts for those who have a big collection of well-loved t-shirts! They come in five different sizes:

  • Lap (32 shirts)
  • Twin (48 shirts)
  • Full (60 shirts)
  • Queen (98 shirts)
  • King (128 shirts)

There’s a warm, cuddlable option that’s perfect for everyone! The hardest part is deciding how to tackle your spring cleaning and which t-shirts you want to in your quilt! Of course, MemoryStitch does offer other affordable quilt options too.


Sierra K’s adorable premium double-sided lap quilt
Sierra K’s adorable premium double-sided lap quilt


Fabric Matters in a Good Quilt

If you’re wondering what types of materials can be made into a quilt, then we're here to help. For best finished quilt, we recommend t-shirts, and other popular materials in clothing - like jerseys and sweatshirts. Avoid tricky fabrics like: 

  • Canvas/denim
  • Down and knitted items
  • Leather, lycra, and silk
  • Letter Jackets

While that cuts out some options, we can use a lot of popular materials in clothing like jerseys and sweatshirts.


See a list of our acceptable materials and helpful tips. ►



Angela D’s glorious premium double-sided full-sized quilt
Angela D’s glorious premium double-sided full-sized quilt


Convenience or Savings?

Once you’ve got your shirts picked out, it’s time to decide on who’s going to prep the shirts. Do you want to trim them down to save a little money or would you rather save the time and hassle that it takes to cut down each shirt properly?


Learn how to cut your own shirts. ►



People Love MemoryStitch, But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Everyday people all over the United States are receiving their memory quilts and sharing their stories with us. Here’s just one from Kathryn R:

“You guys did a great job! My son, that just graduated from high school, is thrilled to have his childhood memories on that quilt. He wrapped himself up and walked around the house as soon as he got the quilt.”  -Kathryn R.


Kathryn R's graduation tshirt quilt
Kathryn R's son enjoying his new memory quilt by MemoryStitch


Start creating your own memory quilt now – it’s easy! 



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