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Spring Cleaning: Breathing New Life into Memories with T-Shirt Quilts

Spring Cleaning: Breathing New Life into Memories with T-Shirt Quilts
Spring cleaning is a breath of fresh air and the perfect time for a new t-shirt quilt!

Spring is awakening, and before we know it, spring will be sprung! Flowers bloom and new life blossoms into the world around us as the seasons carry out their natural course and rejuvenate the atmosphere. With this rejuvenation to nature can come a wonderful renewal of cleanliness and peace to your home as well. Messes that have needed tidying since the holidays can be picked up, and long disregarded collections of keepsakes can be sifted through and repurposed.

And that means it’s time for everyone’s favorite activity: spring cleaning! (The most wonderful time of the year, depending on who you ask.) Although others may call it a chore, spring cleaning offers us an opportunity to declutter and free up space not only in our homes but in our minds as well. Feel the refreshing spring air of tranquility as we look at how decluttering and upcycling for your spring cleaning could be just the revitalization you may need.


This spring, consider challenging yourself to declutter in ways you normally may not. Of course, spring cleaning is going to look a little different to everyone. All people have their own cleaning needs to attend to, but a commonality most can relate to is having a stockpile of clothing stored away. We tie close memories to the clothes we wear, depending on where it was gotten from, what it was gotten for or who it was gotten with. Despite the blessings of a spring cleaning, parting can be not-so-sweet sorrow with such cherished clothing.

Take a look at the t-shirts in your closet and the stories they tell!

Rather than losing the memories of your beloved clothes, transform these wardrobe items into memorial t-shirt quilts! Take a look at some of your favorite shirts that you or a loved one used to wear, and think about the stories these shirts tell as part of your cleaning. Gather up shirts from club organizations, athletic teams, vacations and more to build the perfect quilt. Then, with the help of MemoryStitch, you can process these t-shirts into a quilt that declutters by saving you space, rejuvenates by giving your shirts new life and preserves by displaying the beloved stories and memories of your past. Reawaken your memories with this spring cleaning, and create a wonderful new keepsake through the power of decluttering and upcycling!


Joy, relaxation and a feeling of accomplishment can all be gained from decluttering your home and repurposing your cherished t-shirts into memorial t-shirt quilts. Now, see some of the stories of people who have already found the happiness of decluttering and repurposing:

“This is the second quilt that I’ve purchased. It’s THE BEST! Thank you for making it an easy and affordable option to save my daughters’ memories with their t-shirts. Also a great way to upcycle! The quilts are very well made, cozy and turn around time is quick! I highly recommend!” - Beth T.

“This blanket is awesome. I have been saving my t-shirts for more than 30 years, they have been through 6 moves with me and I have always had the intention of making this blanket. Finally, at the last move I finally pulled the trigger and did it and I am SO GLAD I DID. Not only does the blanket look great it FEELS great too. It’s heavy, almost like a weighted blanket and the micro fleece is so soft, if feels like I am cuddled up in a stuffed animal. I love it. Thank you so much.”
- Kate A.

“We have been saving these Wrestling Tournament t-shirts for our daughter since she started wrestling in 7th Grade! We are so excited to have these memories preserved in this beautiful snuggly blanket! Thank you so much for taking such good care of our cherished memories!” - Nicole S.

“My quilt came out great! Great use of my old Harley shirts I did not wear anymore. Very comfortable too.” - Brian D.

“I love my quilt! It is so incredibly well done that after I got it, I went scrounging through my drawers and closets and pulled together more shirts and sweatshirts to make a second one! I'm hoping to get my kids to find all their saved shirts so I can order each of them one for Christmas! The quality is OUTSTANDING and the turnaround time, amazing! Thank you!” - Alison M.


Spring is the season of fresh starts and new beginnings, and that is why so many people every year take the opportunity for renewal through spring cleaning rituals. In order to declutter, upcycle and revitalize your home with a newfound sense of peace and joy, look through your collections of saved and cherished t-shirts to create a t-shirt quilt of all the memories and stories those shirts bring with them. 

To help with your spring cleaning journey, MemoryStitch is here to support and guide you as you assemble your t-shirt quilt. For more information on selecting the right t-shirts and laying out your quilt, take a look at our how-to guide on the MemoryStitch process. And for more ideas, tips and tricks on all things t-shirt quilts, stay tuned to our blog!

Enjoy every moment of telling your story, and happy cleaning!


Written by Zander Gibney. 

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