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4 Reasons People Choose Professionally Made T-shirt Quilts

4 Reasons People Choose Professionally Made T-shirt Quilts

Throughout life, we often collect shirts that hold sentimental value to us. Some of us collect t-shirts from sporting events we participate in, the vacations we go on, or shirts by our favorite bands. We may decide to do something special with them – like make a memory quilt!


A Custom T-shirt Quilt is Worth a Thousand Emotions

These shirts become precious memories that tell a part of our story - so we try to preserve them by not wearing them too often. Or we have so many that we simply can’t wear all of them and many end up not getting seen because they spend a lot of time in a drawer. Or these shirts belong to a loved one that is no longer with us.

There are so many stories behind our shirts and our reasons for wanting to keep them in our lives than I can cover here.

Fortunately, there is a way to commemorate your memories, and that’s by creating a custom t-shirt quilt. If that’s an option you’re considering, then you may be wondering:

  • Should I make my t-shirt quilt?
  • Should I have a friend or loved one make my t-shirt quilt?
  • Should I have a professional make my t-shirt quilt?

The easiest way to answer is by sharing with you four reasons that people choose to hire a professional to make their custom memory quilt from their shirts.


Standard Twin Tshirt Quilt by Memory Stitch

 1.  You May Not Have the Necessary Skills

Probably the number one reason that people hire a professional company to create their memory quilt is they don’t have quilting or sewing experience.

This type of project is a big undertaking with experience – even with experience – let alone if you are trying to learn as you go. There are a lot of questions to answer, such as:

  • Do I have the tools that I need to complete the project?
  • What dimensions will I need to cut my shirt to?
  • Will the quilt panels all be the same size?
  • How do I prevent the fabric from stretching?
  • Should I include sashing?
  • What fabric should I use for the quilt top and back?
  • What type of batting do I use?
  • How do I get it quilted?

If you’re not a quilter, then this list of questions can quickly get stressful and overwhelming.

Hiring a professional to create your memory quilt means you don’t have to learn a new skill. You simply choose what options you would like to have in your quilt and leave the work to the experts.


2.  You Don’t Have Extra Time

Let’s be honest, time is our most precious commodity and many of us (myself included) are constantly searching for more time to do the things we enjoy – whether that’s spending time with loved ones or enjoying one of our many hobbies.

When you hire a professional, you simply send them your shirts with any details they require to get the job done. Within a few short weeks, you’re rewarded with a completed memory quilt that you can enjoy indefinitely!


Premium King Size Tshirt Quilt by Memory Stitch

3.  You Don’t Want to Make a Mistake

The last thing anyone wants to do is make an irreversible mistake when trying to DIY a t-shirt quilt. These are your precious memories that tell a piece of your story. If you make a miscalculation, or overestimate your abilities, there’s often no way to recover (especially if it is during the cutting process).

Many people decide to forgo the personal stress of accidents in a DIY project and leave it to a professional to navigate.


4.  You Want a Quality Product

Even if you consider yourself a competent DIYer, you may choose to hire a professional because they are subject matter experts.

They know, and have access to, the best tools in the industry. They understand the best processes that get the best results. They select high quality fabrics, thread, and batting. Their experience helps guide their work, so your memories are showcased in the best way possible.


Fuzz Monster Quilt made by Memory Stitch



Quality, Experience, and Peace of Mind

Everyone at MemoryStitch understands how important quality t-shirt quilts are to their community. These shirts, filled to the brim with precious memories, become well-loved quilt keepsakes. Ali G. recently shared her experience with us:

“I was blown away by how perfect my quilt came out. I have been saving my son's soccer jerseys since kindergarten for this very special memory gift for him. The quality of the quilt and the promptness of its return is awesome. Thank you, Memory Stitch. I will send more jerseys for a second quilt in the future for sure.”

Stories like Ali’s are the reason that accuracy and attention to detail are so important to us. We treat every quilt like we’re making it for a close friend.

If this blog resonates with you, then we invite you to see just how easy it is to have a professional create your memory quilt today.

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns throughout the process. We’re here for you – every step of the way!

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