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MemoryStitch Spotlight: Customer Stories

MemoryStitch Spotlight: Customer Stories

Inside every memory is a story. The fabric of a person’s life is stitched together from memory to memory, story to story. These stories can be told in many different ways, including transforming someone’s cherished clothes and t-shirts into brand new keepsakes to be passed down for generations to come. So, let’s look at how people have used MemoryStitch to tell the stories of their own lives, lives of loved ones and lives of those who have passed with memorial t-shirt quilts.


The stories below from Joe, Susan and Jay highlight the power of collecting t-shirts from events or activities to celebrate community building and connection to others. The memories of these events collected together tell stories of involvement and togetherness greater than the sum of their parts. 

“My t-shirt quilt is outstanding. I’ve been offering robotics summer camps for young people for nearly 20 years. In the last few years, we’ve offered camps for the Latino community and the African American community at no charge to try to engage those young people. The t-shirts in my quilt are from those camps for the last few years. I think using those t-shirts for a quilt was an excellent idea and helps me remember the fun and value in those camps. Thank you for doing such a great job with my shirts. Some of my shirts looked pretty grungy and you managed to clean them up.” - Joe F.

“I had this quilt made for my daughter who is a firefighter. She participates in Paramedic Competitions all over Florida and receives t-shirts after the competitions are over. Even though she doesn't wear the t-shirts, they are still special to her. I am absolutely thrilled how it turned out! I sent a picture of how I wanted the shirts laid out and Memory Stitch did exactly what I asked for! I will definitely use their service again! I can't wait to give this to my daughter on her birthday, Aug. 2nd! Thank you so much for doing such a great job on the quilt!” - Susan M.


“With this community of men, every year we have a Fall Event: 50 men in the woods creating a community. For each event, there is a t-shirt. After a while, they pile up. I'm missing a few, but this quilt represents almost 20 years of the gathering of men. We will use it for the community in some way, yet-to-be determined. In the meantime, it is a great symbol of our legacy.” - Jay L.


Our next group of stories from Roberta, Michele and Kimberly show how our loved one’s clothes tell the stories of their lives in ways that words can’t express. Legacy is carried through every garment and stories in every seam.

“My husband retired from the Navy after 31 years. I had t-shirts he's collected throughout his career turned into this amazing blanket. MemoryStitch exceeded my expectations, this blanket is fantastic quality and the attention to detail is off the charts. Amazing company!!” - Roberta B.


“This was purchased as a birthday present for my mom who recently had to move into a nursing home for full-time care. We took 60 of her Girl Scout shirts from the past 30 years and ordered a double-sided quilt from MemoryStitch. My mother was moved to tears when she saw the quilt and it brought back many happy memories for her. MemoryStitch did an amazing job. Beautiful and well-made, in less than a month they completed what my mother had ‘planned to do’ for the past 15 years. The ordering process was easy and we plan to order more quilts.” - Michele S.


“I’m so pleased with how my quilts came out! I was having quilts made out of some of my late grandmother’s house coats she wore around the house all the time to give to my mom and aunt, so a lot of sentimental value. After I started cutting up the house coats, I got really nervous because some of them were very thin & I had to cut over some awkward seams like arm holes in order to get pieces that were big enough, and I was so afraid they wouldn’t be able to use them since they weren’t standard t-shirts. But they both turned out perfectly! My aunt and mom were so happy with them. The long arm stitching looks great & the backing was a very nice material. They look exactly like the layout I sent in, and I requested a change to the color of the backing for one of the quilts after I’d purchased it & they made that update no problem. Can’t recommend MemoryStitch enough!” - Kimberly H.


Finally, after so many wonderful stories Pamela, Brittney and Jason remind us of honoring those who impacted our lives greatly and those who continue to be with us even after their passing. 

“I had struggled for a very long time to collect my son’s shirts for a quilt. I did research on the best quilt making online store and, thankfully, I found MemoryStitch!! I began the task of gathering Christopher’s favorite tees and team shirts he had worn. I reached out to customer service on several occasions, and they were the best ever! Very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. After much discussion with my family, we agreed on the type of blanket, color of the backing and arrangement. With some panic, I sent the shirts in and was very relieved when MemoryStitch staff confirmed they were in receipt of the package! Due to weather related issues, there was a day or two delay, but of all days to receive my beautiful blanket, it was on the anniversary of my son’s death date. It was a joyous day, and I can’t describe the words to express the comfort I felt and the gratitude I have for everyone at MemoryStitch! The quality is top notch. The shirts were cut to size and the panels are all so expertly done.  I was going to attempt to sew this together myself, thinking, ‘How hard can it be?’ Let me tell you, I am so glad I did NOT go forward with this plan. I could have never created such an exceptional product. The stitching on the back is another special touch offered. I’m beyond ecstatic with my purchase, and I have found comfort that’s been long gone from my life. I wrap myself up in the blanket and the love we shared comes pouring back to me. Thank you MemoryStitch!” - Pamela H.


“When I opened the package it was folded perfectly, wrapped in ribbon, and tied in a beautiful bow. I instantly felt tears falling down my face. The shirts I had made into a blanket were those of my Nanny that passed away on Father's Day. To know that I will forever be wrapped in her love makes me extremely thankful for the work of the amazing people at MemoryStitch. From ordering to delivery of the blanket, the entire process was seamless. Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful blanket to remember my Nanny.” - Brittney D.

“Absolutely incredible experience. RCFD Engineer Miguel Cervantes was going through chemotherapy and we wanted to make him nice "chemo blankets" to keep him warm and motivated during his long treatments. We reached out to local fire departments for t-shirt donations and got an overwhelming amount of support and were able to make several beautiful quilts. I was also able to reach out to MemoryStitch and ask for a rush order and without questions asked, received the blankets in record time due to the deteriorating condition of Miguel. Unfortunately, Miguel passed only hours before I received our quilts but his daughter and wife are now able to hold onto a little piece of him and the support from surrounding agencies for years to come. His daughter and wife were both given the quilts at his funeral service where hundreds attended. Our experience with MemoryStitch will never be forgotten. Eternally grateful. From the RCFD Fire Family.” - Jason C.


Everyone’s story is unique and meaningful to the world around us, and at MemoryStitch we care about telling your story in the best and most impactful way possible. If a MemoryStitch t-shirt quilt or pillow has touched your heart with the power of its story, we want to hear about your experience! Contact us at and tell the story of how your quilt impacted you and captured your precious memories. Or leave a comment here on this blog!

For other stories from people who have experienced the magic of the MemoryStitch process for themselves, enjoy many more on the testimonials page of our website. And for more content on how to best tell stories with your t-shirt quilt and preserve your memories for years to come, stay tuned here to our blog.

Written by Zander Gibney. 

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