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Memorial Quilt Ideas

Memorial quilts are designed to honor the life of a loved one. Constructed of the loved one's clothing, or other items, memorial quilts may also allow their family and friends to continue feel close to them.

T-shirt quilts make great memorial quilts, as they are made with items a loved one wore and loved. They hold memories of them, and each memorial quilt is unique keepsake to remember them by.

In this blog post, we've highlighted some Memorial Quilt Ideas and different options available. We've also included some customer stories about memorial quilts they've made. 


Standard T-Shirt Quilt

A standard t-shirt quilt is a great way to pull together anywhere from 8-64 clothing items, all into one blanket. This memorial quilt idea allows for a more affordable t-shirt quilt option, while still keeping all of those special memories all in one place. 

Below are previous MemoryStitch customers who have have made memorial quilts in honor of loved ones.

Turn your loved ones favorite clothing into a memorable keepsake here.


memorial quilt ideas


Shannon H.: My grandmother passed away this year and I wanted to give my mom a special gift to remember her by so I sent in all my grandmothers shirts to have them made into a quilt. The blanket turned out better than I ever could have imagined.

memorial quilt ideas

Kristin L: My dear friend Sue died of cancer in August of 2020. I knew right away that a memory quilt from MemoryStitch would mean a lot to her dad and brother. I gave the quilt to her dad and brother last night and they love it very much. Thanks so much!


Premium T-Shirt Quilt

A premium t-shirt quilt is another great way to pull together anywhere from 8-64 clothing items, all into one blanket. This memorial quilt idea is a more traditional t-shirt quilt option. The batting and long-arm stitching add additional weight and design, creating a unique and 

Below are previous MemoryStitch customers who have have made memorial quilts with long-arm stitching in honor of loved ones.

Turn your loved ones t-shirts and other well-loved items into a memorable keepsake here.

memorial quilt ideas

Carole D.: When our daughter passed away 6 years ago, we knew we wanted to create a tangible memory for our then 3 year-old grandson, something that would offer comfort and help him feel connected with the mother he barely knew. Memory Stitch was the perfect answer! I am so impressed with their customer service and timely communication, the quality of the lap quilt and the quick turn-around just as holiday time was near. We love the quilt and the memories it has preserved of her elementary school days, high school, college, sports teams, favorite places she visited, and most importantly her pink ribbon tee honoring how hard she fought for her son. Our memory quilt is a keepsake that will wrap him up in the stories that she was unable to share with him herself. 


memorial quilt ideas

Kim A.: My mom was diagnosed with cancer right after Christmas last year. On Feb 4th she went home to be with Jesus. My daughter saw the idea about a memory quilt and did research and chose Memory stitch. We were not disappointed! If anything, amazed at the result! We gave my father the quilt on what would have been their 62nd anniversary. He loves it and uses it! I can not recommend this company enough! Thank you for making our memory so beautiful!


Fuzz Monsta

A Fuzz Monsta is a great memorial quilt idea for those who only have 6-20 t-shirts to work with. They are also great for shirts with larger graphics. Fuzz Monstas have larger panels, and added borders, as well as optional panel sashing. They can also be made standard or premium with long-arm stitching.

Below are previous MemoryStitch customers who have have made memorial Fuzz Monstas in honor of loved ones.

Turn your loved ones memory-filled items into a memorable keepsake here.

memorial quilt ideas

Dianne B.: This blanket is made with my sons tshirts. It is my most treasured gift from him as I lost him on April 17, 2020. I love to snuggle with it as it melts my heart ♥️ Thank you so much Memory Stitch!!!


memorial quilt ideas

Heather S.: My husband passed away September 2020. I ordered a blanket for my step son with all of his dads favorite t-shirts. It came out amazing. We both cried when he opened it on Christmas. It was so soft and exactly what I wanted. He sleeps with it every night. Brings him so much comfort...


Bonus Idea: T-Shirt Pillow

A T-Shirt Pillow works for those who only have 1-4 t-shirts to work with. T-Shirt Pillows come in two different sizes and our backed with our soft minky backing in your color choice. They are a great option if you only have a couple items to work with, or if you a lot of people you'd like to give a memorial keepsake to.

Below are previous MemoryStitch customers who have have made memorial t-shirt pillows in honor of loved ones.

Turn your loved ones favorite clothing item(s) into a memorable keepsake here.

memorial pillow

Janice B.: My courageous daughter, Juliet, was not expected to live past the age of five. She fought hard against the Mitochondrial Disease that weakened her body each day. We celebrated her 16th birthday with her In September, and she passed shortly thereafter. Juliet was a miracle, and she loved to snuggle. I love snuggling up with this awesome pillow each day as I remember her sweet smile.

memorial pillow

 Aimee R: This was one of 3 pillows that were given as gifts. They were a hit! These were my dad’s shirts, all came from our vacations in Maine. He passed away in early 2020. I gave the pillows to my cousin and his kids. It’s like a hug from heaven. 😊


Have other great memorial quilt ideas? Leave them in the comments and let us know!


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