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Saving your Little One's Memories in a Keepsake Quilt

Saving your Little One's Memories in a Keepsake Quilt

One of the biggest things that makes each one of us human is our shared desire to tell our story. We tell it to each other, and we tell it to ourselves. MemoryStitch’s mission is to help us all remember and be comforted by our own personal history.

It’s not just the adults among us, though, who benefit from reminders of our past. MemoryStitch offers a special treat for the youngest of us.


Kids t shirt quilt customer Kids t-shirt quilt created by MemoryStitch for Donna C.


Clearing out Your Closets

For me, one of the hardest parts of having children was the seemingly simple act of getting rid of clothes that no longer fit - yet hold so many memories.

Every single onesie tells a cherished story.

The sentimentalist in me wants them all.

So, how do you hold onto the most precious of these memories without filling our closets and basements (and garages) with jam-packed totes and vacuum-sealed bags?

There’s a way to save all those wonderful memories without hiding them away to never be seen again.


MemoryStitch t shirt quiltKids t-shirt quilt created by MemoryStitch for Heather B.


Kid T-Shirt Quilts

Whether you have a ton of onesies, t-shirts, jackets, diaper covers, or swimsuits, we make it our business to turn all those priceless memories into cozy quilts. (See here for guidance on which items we can use for your quilt).

Your quilt will not only tell your little one’s story, but comfort them through the night.

Our Kids’ T-Shirt Quilt uses smaller 8” x 8” panels salvaged from your kiddos’ shirts and more to make quilts in multiple sizes. They’re durable, machine washable, ideal for everyday use, and backed with super-soft, plush Minky backing.


Onesie custom t-shirt quilt


Wubby to the Rescue

We’ve all seen it (and experienced it back in the day). That blanket or quilt that your little one can’t be without. Whether stressed or sick or just snuggling in for a good night’s sleep, that blankie needs to be there.

My son is 17 years old, and he still sleeps under his “Wubby.” It’s an old comforter that he dragged around for years, and it got him through a lot of growing up. When he’s stressed, he still curls up in it while doing homework or watching TV.

Now imagine creating a custom t-shirt Wubby made up of equally comforting bits of the past that might otherwise be lost.


     Kids large t-shirt quilt
    Kids t-shirt quilt created by MemoryStitch for Aubrey S.


    My Wubby Confession

    Yes. I admit it. I’ve got my own Wubby.

    It keeps me warm on cold winter nights.

    Heck, sometimes I turn up the AC in the summer so I can use it while chilling in front of the TV.

    No one should be without their Wubby, and if you know anyone who happens to be without one (or who could use an upgrade), MemoryStitch is here to help you out.


    Kids small custom t-shirt quilt
    Kids t-shirt quilt created by MemoryStitch for Dawn W.


    It's as Easy as 1-2-3!

    It's super easy to create the perfect keepsake made out of precious t-shirts once you've cleaned out your kid's closet (or yours). MemoryStitch's process is as easy as:

    1. Choosing which memories you will cherish forever.

    2. Deciding whether you want to cut the shirts yourself or if you'd rather our experts cut them for you for a small fee.

    3. Sending us your shirts. After a few short weeks, you'll receive your custom keepsake quilt that will provide you warmth and warm memories for years to come!


    Kids T shirt Quilt


    Here's a testimonial from Nancy B. who purchased a MemoryStitch kids t-shirt quilt: 

    "Thank you so much, Memory Stitch! I am in love with my daughters quilt! Such a fun display of memories. I received the best customer service every time I called with questions. I had my quilt back to me in 11 days! Now, that is what I call service!"

    -Nancy B.

    Ready to create your own memory quilt? Click the link to see your options!

    Create your own customized t-shirt quilt today.


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