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How does this work? For first time t-shirt quilt buyers

premium t-shirt quilt

This blog post will help you understand how to order and what to expect when purchasing with MemoryStitch for the first time. Whether you need help picking a panel size, or don't know what long-arm stitching is, we've got you covered!

I'm a first time t-shirt quilt buyer. How does this work?

Are you looking to buy your first T-shirt quilt? Did you see one on social media and realize it's the perfect way to preserve all your memories? Are you maybe a little intimidated by the project or a little worried about sending your favorite T-shirts off to Nebraska?

No worries! Our team at MemoryStitch is here to help you out.

Placing your order

You can place your order online through our website. Click here to see How It Works! 

Prior to ordering, make sure you know about how many t-shirts you have and a general idea of the size of the t-shirts you have. We do have several different products to choose from, so make sure you've checked out all the products on our product page before you decide which one you're interested in! 

Understanding shirt size (panel size):

A panel is each individual block on a quilt. One panel = one t-shirt side. We offer two panel sizes for your t-shirt quilt, and a smaller option (8x8) is available for kids t-shirt quilts. Panel size is really dependent on the size of your shirts and the size of your graphics.

Note: Please do not pre-cut your panels. Materials sent in should be at least 2 inches above your desired panel size. For example, for 12"x12" panels, please send in materials that are, at minimum, 14x14 inches.

As a very basic rule, 8"x8" works great for onesies and small youth clothing, 12"x12" is well-suited for small and medium shirts, and 14"x14" is usually good for large and XL shirts.

However, this works on a very case by case basis. Our recommendation is to measure your shirts. Anything beyond the panel size you select will be trimmed off, and will not be visible on the quilt.

Please send in a minimum of 2 inches over the panel size you select. We need the following amounts of material to work with for each panel size.

8x8 | 10 by 10 inches

12x12 |14 by 14 inches

14x14 | 16 by 16 inches

15x15 | 17 by 17 inches

You can simply measure your shirts with a ruler and decide whether your graphic would fit better in a larger panel size or if the size of shirt calls for a smaller panel size.

If your T-shirts are too large or too small for the panel size you selected, we will try to contact you for direction. This may result in fees if added material or additional labor is required. We will never send you an invoice without communicating with you first. However, please try to select the correct panel size and follow proper preparing instructions to avoid these complications.

Note: Our manufacturers recommend 14x14 or 15x15 panels for items of clothing such as jerseys, concert shirts, and shirts from sororities and fraternities. Shirts with large graphics could be cut off and should be measured prior to sending them in.

Understanding the difference between Standard and Premium:

We offer "T-Shirt Quilts," and we also offer "Premium Quilts with Long-Arm Stitching." Both can be found on our product page.

Our t-shirt quilts come in 5 different sizes to tell your story and our backed with super soft Minky fabric backing. They are machine-washable, durable, and meant for everyday use. They make great gifts for college/high school students or young adults in their first apartment.

Our Premium quilts with long-arm stitching come in 5 different sizes to tell your story and have cotton batting between the front side and back side, for a heavier/warmer quilt. Additionally, they have long-arm stitching, for a more traditional-looking quilt with a Stipple design and are also backed with our super soft Minky fabric backing. The batting and long-arm quilt stitching  create a long-lasting product you can enjoy for many, many years.

Below you can find close up pictures of both our standard and our premium options.

standard t-shirt quiltpremium t-shirt quilt

After Placing your Order

Once your order has been placed, you'll receive a confirmation email including instructions on how to send your shirts to us. The process is simple! Cut your shirts in half and only send us the sides you want included in your quilt. We even have an option for an additional fee if you prefer to skip the cutting! Read more about that here.

You can ship the correct number of shirts to us in a box or a bag. Please make sure to include your order number. 

Once you've sent off your shirts, the rest is on us!

You'll receive an email when we receive and begin to process your order and another email when your finished t-shirt quilt is on it's way to you. And don't worry, your shirts are in great hands while they're here. We employ professional and highly-trained sewers who work directly for us! We don't outsource any of our work. You can rest assured that your memories are very important to us.


If you have any questions or concerns at any point during the process, our team is happy to help. Email us at or give us a call at (855) 792-4205.


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