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Gifts That Keep Giving: T-Shirt Quilts for Generations to Come

Gifts That Keep Giving: T-Shirt Quilts for Generations to Come

How can you make memories last lifetimes? Passing the torch to future generations often preserves the facts of the past, but how can you best preserve the spirit and memory of a loved one? And how can you give that memory durable longevity as a family treasure? 

The answer: memorial t-shirt quilts.

Give the gift of memory all year long with MemoryStitch!

Memorial t-shirt quilts are heirlooms that tell the story of people in many ways. From something as simple as a collection of t-shirts, you can weave together narratives of a person at various locations, times, and occupations. Not only that, but the strength and durability of a t-shirt quilt means that, even if used to keep your body and soul warm every day, the heirloom can be passed from generation to generation, telling the story of yourself and others who you love.

To wrap up the season of giving, let’s take a look at the power of giving such heirlooms and the different types of stories memorial t-shirt quilts can tell.


From childhood to graduation, to everything after and in between, the clothes we wear tell the story of who we are at any given moment in life. Check out how Elaine and Kristin preserved the memory of their loved ones’ phases of life:

“This quilt made from my grandson’s pajama shirts is so precious and brought back so many wonderful memories. My grandson loves it and we share stories sparked by this quilt. The workmanship is superb. We wanted the shirts in a particular order, and MemoryStitch made sure that happened, communicating by email several times to ensure I was happy with the layout. I will be ordering more quilts from them. Absolutely delighted with this work of art.” – Elaine L.

“I purchased this quilt for my son who will be starting at University of Alabama in August. He has always loved all things space and NASA and went to Space Camp 4 times and collected many t-shirts. He loves his quilt, and it looks amazing! They even added the patches that we sent! He can’t wait to put it on his bed in his dorm room. This is a great way to preserve the shirts that he has saved over the years. Great job to the team that made his quilt! We love it! Thank you!” – Kristin S.


Show your family your passions, your interests, and your hobbies! When future generations reminisce about who you are and how you lived, they will glean so much personality from the types of adventures you and your loved ones got up to. Let’s see some of the adventures Arlene and Kaleen preserved with their quilts:

“Our 2023 World Cruise is remembered every time we look at this beautiful quilt!  The workmanship and stitching are top notch and I am so proud to show it to my friends! This is our 2nd quilt…and I’m already thinking of the next one! Thank you all at MemoryStitch.” – Arlene M.

“I love my memory t-shirt quilt! It is well done and very soft. It reminds me of my love for Disneyland. Thank you for doing such a great job!” – Kaleen D.


Finally, memorial t-shirt quilts serve as heirlooms for loved ones who have passed. Preserving the legacy of those missed is a massive task, and having a piece of their warmth through the clothing they wore creates an ultimate bond between the past and the future. Read Nancy’s and Brittney’s stories below to see the impact memorial t-shirt quilts have on the process of remembrance:

“I had 8 quilts and pillowcases made of my husband’s Harley Davidson t-shirts for my daughters and grandkids. He passed away 6 months ago from cancer, so these quilts and pillowcases are like a warm hug from him. I also had each quilt and pillowcase embroidered with their name, nickname that he gave them, or something he would always say to them. I also had each quilt quilted and added borders around each square. They all turned out better than I expected! They will be such a special Christmas surprise for everyone! Thanks for taking such great care of our special memories of our ‘Pa’!” – Nancy B.

“When I opened the package it was folded perfectly, wrapped in ribbon, and tied in a beautiful bow. I instantly felt tears falling down my face. The shirts I had made into a quilt were those of my Nanny that passed away on Father's Day. To know that I will forever be wrapped in her love makes me extremely thankful for the work of the amazing people at MemoryStitch. From ordering to delivery of the quilt, the entire process was seamless. Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful quilt to remember my Nanny.” – Brittney D.


Heirlooms that tell the story of you, your loved ones, and those who have passed are essential for passing on legacies to the next generation. Even though this is the season of giving, remember that the time for giving is truly year-round. As we say goodbye to the holiday season, you have the fantastic opportunity to turn your attention towards the future by honoring the past. 

For more information regarding MemoryStitch and memorial t-shirt quilts, take a look at our how it works page for a step-by-step guide to the entire process. And if you already have a collection of shirts in mind, check out our collection of products for you and your loved ones. 

The possibilities of stories to tell about you and your loved ones are limitless. Get started preserving those stories today!


Written by Zander Gibney. 

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