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Gift Graduates Something Unique: 5 Reasons a MemoryStitch T-Shirt Quilt is the Perfect Gift for 2023

Gift Graduates Something Unique: 5 Reasons a MemoryStitch T-Shirt Quilt is the Perfect Gift for 2023

With graduation season almost here, it’s time to start considering meaningful and heartfelt gifts for the graduates in your life. We’ve all been there – trying to think of just the right gift for a grad that they will enjoy, treasuring and using it for years to come. We’ve all struggled to think ahead, gazing into the future and guessing what will bring them comfort and happiness in the years to come as we search the internet for ideas and inspiration, all the while wondering how we’ll ever find the time to make or find something amazing – once we decide on a gift.


It seems that t-shirt quilts have almost become traditional graduation gifts for high school and college, and not just because graduates seem to leave school with dozens (and dozens) of t-shirts that will now sit, unworn, in closets, drawers and boxes. So, let’s jump into why a MemoryStitch t-shirt quilt is such a great graduation gift.


See how Beth C.’s t-shirt quilt turned out for her daughter’s graduation.


Beth C. used her daughter’s t-shirts to create a personalized graduation gift

“Love the quilt! I can’t wait to give it to my daughter as a graduation present! Thank you, MemoryStitch!” – Beth C. 


Have you ever made a t-shirt quilt or a t-shirt blanket? Well, they are a lot of work, and if you’re a parent or guardian, you know that time is not on your side during those final weeks before graduation. The time and the cost involved always seem to spiral out of control, especially when you have a tight timeframe to work with! MemoryStitch is readily available to save the day, making it easy to have a unique graduation gift ready to go without you having to miss any of those exciting pre-graduation events!


What is MemoryStitch?

MemoryStitch is a team of creative and dedicated individuals who work to keep your stories alive, allowing them to live for years to come as t-shirt quilts and blankets, pillows and pillowcases. They strive to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes that will be cherished and help the memories and stories of others live on. They’ve even developed a onesie quilt to preserve the sweet memories of a baby’s first outfits!


So, why do t-shirt quilts and other projects made by MemoryStitch make outstanding graduation gifts? Here’s five reasons why!


Honors Personal Accomplishments

Each and every shirt means something to that graduate. Those from honors, AP and IB classes mark academic accomplishments that the grad earned with lots of hard work and dedication. The same can be said for shirts from teams they were on, plays and musicals they participated in, choirs, band, orchestra, clubs and more. That t-shirt means the owner’s talent was acknowledged by others. Just like earning a certificate, trophy, medal, ribbon or “letter” for a jacket, this is an outward sign, a status symbol that may no longer be worn after graduation, but will always serve as a badge of honor from a class, team, club, special activity or group.


The beauty of taking these meaningful shirts and turning them into a t-shirt quilt is that quilts are perfect for anyone! They’re wonderful for high school graduates as well as college graduates. Keepsake quilts are sure to be loved and treasured by grads as they take their next steps in life.


Take a look at how Christina D. transformed her daughter’s memories into a personalized graduation gift.


Christina D.’s daughter happily holding up her MemoryStitch T-Shirt Quilt

“I have been saving t-shirts for a couple of years with the intent of a ‘graduation quilt’ for my daughter. I didn’t anticipate COVID and the impact it would have on all of us, making this quilt even more poignant. Not only does it commemorate her first concert, or her soccer jersey, it also has the shirts created for the families of those who lost their job during the pandemic, or the first concert after everything opened. IT was the second night of the band’s first post-COVID tour and they cried over those they had lost. This quilt is the compilation of the good and bad of her high school days. Thank you for helping me to make it possible.” – Christina D.


Cherish Memories Forever

Putting those treasured shirts into a quilt turns them into a timeless keepsake that captures all those special memories and gives them a way to remain a part of that graduate’s life and story as they move on to their next chapter and beyond.


While wearing high school shirts may not be seen as “cool” in college, for example, having them in a quilt makes it possible to keep those cherished items close by. We all know that life can be scary and stressful at times, and whether the grad is moving on to further their education or entering the workforce, there are bound to be challenges. A t-shirt quilt can be a comfort and reminder of their accomplishments or worth for decades to come.


A graduation quilt is such a wonderful gift that you may want to get others involved! How many times have you wished you had received one really outstanding gift rather than several small ones? You can get other friends and family involved in sharing the expense, deciding on shirts to include and keeping this amazing gift a secret!


Unique and Creative

If you truly want your gift to stand out (and who doesn’t!), you want to make sure it’s something different, something they won’t get five of! Someone’s bound to cover a new apartment’s necessities, like sheets and towels, reading lights and gift cards, but if you want a gift to stop them in their tracks, this is it!


MemoryStitch offers an array of quilt products, but also pillows and pillow covers. No matter which you select, it’s sure to be a one-of-a-kind, thoughtful gift that showcases the graduate and their accomplishments in a unique way that they’re sure to treasure.


Practical & Functional

What other gift can you give a graduate that you know they’ll never part with? Hmm, nothing else comes to mind. Gift cards are easily spent and forgotten, expensive pens are lost and jewelry styles change, but quilts will live on for years and years to come. T-shirt quilts are sure to be used not only for warmth, but also for comfort. It’s easy for grads to move with them as they continue with their lives. Here’s a gift that’s practical and functional while still being sentimental!


Personalized & Meaningful

You wouldn’t think that you could get a more personalized graduation gift than a quilt made from the graduate’s own shirts, but MemoryStitch offers some fantastic options to take your gift to the next level. One size doesn’t have to fit all here because you have options all along the way.


You can select the exact type of project, finished size, the backing material and color! You can choose from a comfortable lap quilt size all the way up to the luxury of a king size quilt. Other options include the unique Fuzz Monsta® style with soft Minky strips between the blocks, double-sided quilts to feature even more memorable t-shirts or adding premium long-arm stitching. You can even customize your t-shirt quilt further by including an embroidered message within the plush Minky backing.


Tammy W. combined her son’s passions and beloved memories to make his graduation gift.


Tammy W. made her son a unique keepsake for his graduation

“We are SO pleased with how the memory quilt for our son’s graduation turned out. It exceeded our expectations in every way. From the beginning of the process, preparation to send process, etc., the guidelines were very detailed and easy to follow. We sent very specific instructions on the layout, and they fulfilled every one of them. We will definitely be using them again for our other children’s quilts. Thank you so much!!” – Tammy W.


Durable & Long-Lasting

If you want to preserve the memories those special shirts hold, this is a great way to make sure they can live on for years to come. Your gift will easily move through life with your special loved one, through dorms and first apartments to their first house. Year after year, that keepsake quilt will continue providing comfort, warmth and pleasant memories. Each individual shirt is treated with care while making your t-shirt quilt. Every stitch is meticulously made to ensure that the shirts are securely bound together without compromising the integrity of the fabric. This preserves all the t-shirts so that they can’t be outgrown, but still continue to be used year after year.


Plus, the recipient of this special graduation gift will be thinking of you every time they use their quilt, pillow or pillowcase. How’s that for a winning gift?


Speaking of which, based on what Jennifer C. said about her experience with MemoryStitch, her daughter is sure to love her mom’s thoughtful gift the most.


Jennifer C. combined t-shirts from her daughter’s school and extracurricular activities into a customized graduation gift

“I absolutely love the quilt! It is made with such high quality. The back is extra soft. They did a great job. I can’t wait to give it to my daughter for graduation.❤️” – Jennifer C.


Getting Started

The process of creating a keepsake quilt, pillow or pillowcase is easier than you may think! Before you start ordering, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself before deciding on the right option for your graduate:

  • How many shirts are available to use?

  • What is the average size of the design on the shirt?

  • What colors are the shirts? If all of them are purple and white, that will help you decide on a backing color and embroidery color.

  • When is graduation?

  • What message do I want embroidered on the quilt?


Next Steps

Check out the MemoryStitch website to see what the various products look like and decide which one you want to have made. You’ll see the different products available to choose from, different backing colors and more.


Another consideration is whether you want to do the initial cutting of the t-shirts or if you would prefer to have that done for you. Think about how valuable your time is to you here. You’re creating something totally unique for someone you love – whether you cut the shirts yourself or not – and your time is certainly valuable! You don’t want to be faced with missing any special year-end events because you need to cut apart shirts without revealing your secret graduation gift!


Time’s Running Out

If you’ve left things to the last minute with making this graduation t-shirt quilt, don’t worry! MemoryStitch can help you out with a rush option for an additional fee.


You don’t have to miss even one of your graduate’s exciting year-end events to get this one-of-a-kind graduation gift. Plus, you can be assured that it’s something uniquely theirs that they can treasure for years and years to come.


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  • What is the largest size double blanket that can be made ? The cost ? And can I just send all shirts in uncut as I don’t want to do it wrong ? How long does it take ? Thanking you in advance

    Ann Blanda

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