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From Campus to Keepsake: Unique T-Shirt Quilts for Graduates

From Campus to Keepsake: Unique T-Shirt Quilts for Graduates

Graduation season is just about here! With the caps and gowns come all sorts of celebrations for the graduates in your life. In our last blog post Caps Off to Memories, we discussed the heartfelt power of memorial t-shirt quilts as gifts for graduation. To create impactful t-shirt quilts, we explored how to tell stories through the t-shirts of the graduate in your life and how to bring those stories together as a keepsake for your graduate. 

Make the perfect t-shirt quilt to tell your graduate’s unique story.

Today, let’s expand on graduation gift-giving and look at how to bring out the uniqueness of your graduate’s story. Whether it’s with the types of shirts you choose to compile, the layout of the shirts or the type of quilt you make, every graduate has a wonderfully special story to tell of their lives so far.


Of course, the time spent in the classroom and academic achievements of a student are the primary factors to celebrate at graduation. The education they’ve received is one of the biggest factors that will propel them into the next chapter of their life, but everything surrounding a student’s education has so much influence on the young adult they’ve grown into. Commemorate their extracurriculars and formative experiences. Clubs, teams, events, dances and favorite local hot spots are fundamental to any high school or college career.

There are so many activities and memories on campus to celebrate with a t-shirt quilt!

Students live very busy lives, as we all know. To create a full picture of how your graduate spent their time in high school or college, incorporate shirts from everything they were involved with–not just academics. Imagine reminiscing with your graduate about not only the story of one club or sport but the well-rounded, complete story of everything they accomplished through every moment. Collecting t-shirts from every aspect of a student’s school life in this way leads to a diverse, wonderful and heartfelt t-shirt quilt.


In the same way that there are so many types of t-shirts to choose from when designing a t-shirt quilt, there are also plenty of options for the type of quilt you make! Make your quilt unique for your graduate’s collection based on the size of your collection, type of material used, and more:

  • Number of Shirts: Does your graduate have a gigantic load of t-shirts from school? Or maybe they only have a few to go towards a quilt? A standard t-shirt quilt uses anywhere from 16 to 64 shirts to accommodate smaller collections. And if 64 doesn’t cover the massive amount of t-shirts in your collection, consider a double-sided t-shirt quilt that can display upwards of 90 and even 128 t-shirts! 
  • Coziness: If cuddling with a t-shirt quilt is your graduate’s #1 priority, consider the Fuzz Monsta t-shirt quilt. The Fuzz Monsta uses ultra soft minky fabric as the back and border of your quilt, and the larger t-shirt panels make for a huge snuggle companion. 

  • For even more options of t-shirt quilt sizes and types, check out MemoryStitch’s product page!


    Now, check out the stories of satisfied graduates and families who celebrated graduation with a commemorative t-shirt quilt!

    “I have wanted to do this for my kid’s graduation as a keepsake but I was nervous to trust anyone with keepsake t-shirts. MemoryStitch outlines the process so it was easy and it arrived in time for graduation! Yahoo!!! The quality is top notch! Buttery soft and the placement is exactly as I requested. I plan to order another for my next graduate. Highly recommend it!!!” - Sheilah O.
    “Wanted to make a t-shirt quilt for a graduation gift, and we couldn't be more pleased! The blanket is cozy, and the t-shirt images came out perfectly. We had MemoryStitch cut the t-shirts, and I am glad we did, because I could never have done as great a job capturing the story as they did! The process was easy, thanks to clear and precise instructions, and the blanket came in plenty of time. Definitely plan on doing another one for our younger daughter too! Thank you!” - Jeffrey H.
    “My oldest son just graduated from Villanova Law school and I surprised him with his beautiful memory quilt! The quilt is amazing and showcases all of his middle and high school achievements. He and I love it. Thanks for a beautiful quilt.” - Lynette A.
    “I bought this for my daughter as a high school graduation present so she could have something from home when she goes off to college. She loved this gift! It was very well made and they had this to me within weeks of my sending the shirts. I love the backing fabric used as well, very soft. I know she will cherish this forever. Thank you for helping me make this memory for my girl!” - Kristina H.

    WRAP UP 

    Every student is unique, and every student has taken a very unique journey through school to reach graduation. When you go to celebrate the graduation of your graduate, honor the story of what they’ve accomplished inside and outside of the classroom and how their experiences are launching them into the next phase of life. There are many ways to tell this story, but nothing does it quite like a well-rounded and inspired collection of t-shirts from their time in school transformed into a heartfelt MemoryStitch t-shirt quilt!

    For more help on the MemoryStitch process as you collect your shirts and gear up for graduation, check out our page on how the process works. And stay tuned to more tips and tricks on graduation season, gift giving and more right here on the MemoryStitch Blog!


    Written by Zander Gibney.

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