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Elevate Your Coziness and Comfort: The Luxury Minky Blanket

Elevate Your Coziness and Comfort: The Luxury Minky Blanket
Cuddle up and relax this winter with the Luxury Minky Blanket!


It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! We’re right on the cusp of the new year, and the holiday season is in full swing. Now is the time for flurries of snow, lights on the trees, and cuddling up with hot cocoa by a warm fire. In the spirit of this winter wonderland, MemoryStitch is bringing you the perfect companion for all snowy nights, family gatherings and restful breaks: Luxury Minky Blankets.

The Luxury Minky Blanket is the softest, cuddliest and coziest new addition to your home for you and your family. Let’s take a look at all the different options you have for your blanket!


Like all MemoryStitch products, the Luxury Minky Blanket can be personalized for you and your loved ones. First, here are the three options for the SIZE of your blanket:

  • Baby Size (30” X 36”) 
  • Throw Size (50” X 60”)
  • Large Throw Size (60” X 72”)

    Consider each size and how it could best serve you and your loved ones. Baby Size, of course, is perfect for your child to cuddle up with at naptime and to be tucked in with for a cold winter’s night; they’ll love the ultra-plush fabric keeping them warm and tight. For some well-deserved “me time” and relaxation with a good book or movie, a Throw Size blanket will wrap you up in softness to forget the worries of the day. And for snuggling up with loved ones or for creating an even grander cozy haven for yourself, the Large Throw Size covers even more space for even more comfort!

    The Luxury Minky Blanket is wonderfully cozy for all seasons.


    Next, here are the COLOR options for you blanket:

  • Azure
  • Slate

    Each color brings its own unique flare to your Luxury Minky Blanket. A sky-blue Azure adds a pop of color and style to any environment in your home, and the sense of peace and tranquility this color brings cannot be ignored. On the other hand the sophisticated Slate blanket can easily be added to any modern collection of decor while still being the reliable, cuddly blanket you need for a relaxing night in. Either way, you can’t go wrong!


    Match the Luxury Minky Blanket with your home’s decor!


    Of course, the Luxury Minky Blanket is an elegantly plush and cuddly addition to your home that can be tailored to your blanket needs, but it’s also designed to provide comfort that will last a lifetime. Its strong, durable material will live up to the “luxurious” name whether you lay it out as a bedspread for your child, have it available in a sitting room for all your loved ones, or keep it all to yourself. However you decide to use your blanket, know that MemoryStitch’s promise of quality expands beyond our t-shirt quilt products! Keep you and your loved ones warm and comfortable for years to come with the durability of this blanket.


    Winter can be a grueling season, and so can any time of year without the proper materials for staying comfy and cozy. MemoryStitch is bringing you the Luxury Minky Blanket to keep you and your loved ones warm and secure for many years to come. And remember, bundling up in a soft, warm blanket isn’t just for snowy nights. Give yourself the care and comfort you deserve by finding the perfect moments to relax and unwind with the perfect blanket.

    Once again, the Luxury Minky Blanket is available in three sizes (Baby, Throw and Large Throw) and two colors (Azure and Slate). Be sure to check out the product page for the specific information on your options and to help with your decision on which blanket is the best for your family.

    Stay tuned to our blog for all things comfy, cozy and MemoryStitch!


    Written by Zander Gibney.

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