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5 Signs you need a T-Shirt Quilt

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Not yet sure if you need a t-shirt quilt? Not really sure why so many people are making an buying their own t-shirt quilts? We've compiled a list of the top 5 reasons you need a t-shirt quilt in your life.

5 Signs you need a T-Shirt Quilt

1. You have too many t-shirts

You've been collecting t-shirts for years, and your collection no longer fits in the space you have for it. If your drawers and closet are stuffed with t-shirts from varying events from the past several years. Whether that's shirts from clubs you've joined, shirts from fundraisers you've participated in, shirts from your favorite concerts, or any t-shirts at all, you probably have too many to actually wear regularly.

You spent money on these t-shirts, and you don't want to just get rid of them. Many of them have sentimental value, so what's the way to clean out those drawers but still keep shirts? Our solution is to make a t-shirt quilt!

t-shirt quilt

2. You're downsizing

Whether you're moving into a new house or apartment, or you're just trying purge some of your extra belongings, now may be a good time to get rid of some of the extra t-shirts or other clothing items you have lying around.

Packing some t-shirts into a box to send in to have a t-shirt quilt made sounds a lot more fun than packing them into a box, transferring them to your home to stuff them back into your closet (or leave the box unpacked in the attic or garage to collect dust.

3. You need a unique gift

What do you get someone who already has everything? A t-shirt quilt is a unique gift, and each one turns out so different from the next. Even if someone already has a t-shirt quilt, another one would be so different from the first that it wouldn't feel like a repeat gift.

And who doesn't need another quilt or blanket?

t-shirt quilt gift card

4. You want a memorial quilt

After losing someone close to us, it's nice to keep something of their to hold onto those memories. Why not turn their favorite t-shirts, blouses, or other shirts into a t-shirt quilt you can keep for yours to come.

Not only do you get a special keepsake to remember your loved one by, but it gives another life to their clothing - rather than throwing it out or donating it.

memorial t-shirt quilt
Jordana H:
"My mom was a lifelong Atlanta Braves fan, so when I came across her Braves t-shirt I knew it'd make the perfect centerpiece among her signature plain tshirts. My special request for a 5x5 blanket so the Braves shirt could be centered was readily accommodated. Communication was excellent and service was fast. My blanket is the perfect tribute to my mom. I highly recommend MemoryStitch!"

5. Everyone else has one!

As t-shirt quilts become more and more popular, more people you know are buying them! Now it's your turn to get your very own t-shirt quilt made, so you can show it off to all your friends and family.

Are you ready to tell your story with a t-shirt quilt?


  • These reasons are exactly meant for me . I had to laugh . I’m getting my t shirts ready to ship.

    Robin Fitchett
  • This is such a unique idea! I absolutely love it!

    Carol Knight

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