Instructions To Send Us Your Shirts

Step 1:  Gather the correct number of shirts

T-Shirt Quilt Size Number of Panels
16 front or back of t-shirts
24 front or back of t-shirts
30 front or back of t-shirts
49 front or back of t-shirts
64 front or back of t-shirts


Note: Please send the correct number of shirts. If we receive extra shirts, we will try to send them back with your quilt, but we cannot guarantee their return. Any paperwork you send in with your T-shirts (order confirmation, image of layout, etc.) will not be returned to you. 

Make sure the shirts you select have enough material

Panel Size Material Needed
8" x 8" Need 8.5" x 8.5" of material
12" x 12" 
Need 12.5" x 12.5" of material
14" x 14" 
Need 14.5" x 14.5" of material

Step 2: How to Prepare your Shirts

Step 3: Send us your shirts

Send your shirts with your EMAIL CONFIRMATION and PHOTO OF DESIRED LAYOUT in a box to:

800 Pioneers Blvd
Lincoln, NE 68502

No physical drop offs at this address.

Please note: If you're submitting two or more orders in the same box, please include images of your layout for EACH individual order, so we know which T-shirts belong to each quilt.

Contents of your shipment can shift in transit, so you MUST include a photo if you desire a specific layout. 

Please do not send your shirts in with pins, needles, bags, or rubber bands. If you'd like to notate specific instructions, use tape or printed images.

REMEMBER to Write you ORDER # on the SHIPPING BOX.